The Dubai Desert Safari is the star excursion from the new and radiant megalopolis of the United Arab Emirates. While one walks along Sheikh Zayed Avenue, among dozens of colossi over 300 meters high, it would be easy to think that these constructions have been there for many decades. Nothing is further from reality.

It is only necessary to look at some photographs of the Dubai of half a century ago to realize that this is a city won entirely to the desert and where today wonders the size of Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, not so long ago there were only sand and more sand.

That is why it is enough to move away a few kilometers from the center of Dubai to meet a wonderful sea of ​​dunes. This is one of the tourist attractions that almost no visitor wants to miss.

This time, we have hired a tour of the Dubai desert, which will pick us up at the hotel and that promises us fun aboard a modern 4 × 4. Sunset is the best time to go for VIP desert safari Dubai.

At this time, the sun is already lower and the heat has softened. It is then a good time to appreciate the gold of the dunes and enjoy the sunset in the desert, something always magical as we have already had the opportunity to meet in the Indian Thar desert or in the Moroccan Sahara.

In addition, at the end of the thrilling red dune desert safari, we will be transferred to a kind of camp where we can enjoy a Starlight dinner, as well as a musical show including belly dancing and various activities such as camel riding, tattooing with henna or smoking with shisha. Everything is included in the agreed price. It lasts about 6 hours and includes what we discussed in this post. You can hire it in this link.

The desert of Dubai, part of Arabia

The Dubai desert is only part of what is known as the Arabian Desert, one of the largest sand masses on the entire planet with an area of ​​2,330,000 km².

Although most of this desert occupies the largest country in the area, Saudi Arabia, the different ramifications also conquer much of up to 9 different states. That is, almost all of those that make up the Arabian Peninsula. It seems a miracle that the human being has settled and survived in such an inhospitable place for thousands of years.

Thrilling red dune desert safari Dubai

At the agreed time they pick us up at the hotel. We are accompanied by Dunia and Enric, with whom we have shared friendship for more than 30 years. We climb to 4 × 4 and in less than 40 minutes we reach the desert.

The landscape has completely changed in a few minutes. Soon the skyscrapers have been left behind and have given way to a panorama of sand and stones. A few meters from the road that leads to the desert are the majestic dunes.

The car is parked in a small complex where some stores are located. It is time to reduce the tire pressure and supply ourselves with water, if we wish. We have the sea of ​​dunes in front and the emotion rises at times.

Soon we begin to climb and descend dunes. It is an expert driver who drives the car, of course. It is about 30 or 40 minutes of safari in the desert of Dubai where one finds it easy to understand what the participants in the Dakar rally face. A good adrenaline rush, of course.

Finished this first part of adventure is time to enjoy another of the highlights of this tour through the desert of Dubai. It’s about sunset. It is the magical moment when the sun goes down behind the dunes. Because if the desert safari is fun, the sunset is even more beautiful.

We are several vehicles assembled in the area, of course. However, the immensity of the desert allows you to have your own vital space to live this moment with a certain intimacy. You just have to walk a few minutes and get away from the group.

Travel Insurance for Dubai

Don’t even think about traveling to Dubai without having good travel insurance.

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BBQ Dinner and Show in the Desert

After the desert safari in Dubai it is time to approach a camp where the different groups of 4 × 4 seem to be grouped together. The main reason is to enjoy dinner in the desert under the umbrella of a starry dome.

In addition, there are several attractions that are available in this place for tourists to enjoy the moment and have a good time. First of all, we don’t want to leave without getting on and doing a small camel tour. It is true that we have already done them in Tunisia or India, but getting on a camel always has your point.

Later, Isa wants to try with a henna tattoo, this powder to which the shrub of the same name has been reduced and that is used as an ink to tattoo in Arab countries, knowing that it lasts only a few days.

Some people also decide to dress up in native clothes, but the truth is that for that both Isa and I are too embarrassing.

Impeccable Shows

Dinner is plentiful and buffet based. We found several salads and different types of meat, quite rich and cooked on the barbecue. It can be repeated without problems. With the full plate we look for our accommodation between carpets for dinner and, at the same time, enjoy the show

Maybe the belly dance is the star show of the evening. It is true that it has a lot of spectacle for tourists, but what are we after all? Other dancers liven up the night with other types of dances and the truth is that it is quite entertaining.

It is not necessary to look for an extraordinary spectacle nor of an unquestionable quality. I think so, come on. It’s about having a good time, with a very good atmosphere, taking advantage of the breeze of the moment, under the stars and, if possible, with good company.



One last activity that we don’t want to miss is smoking in shisha. Neither Isa nor I are habitual smokers, but the truth is that we like and do not miss the chance, when we visit an Arab country or Turkish past, to enjoy a shisha.

The Dubai desert safari ends with the night closed. The truth is that it is an activity that is very worthwhile. Not only because of the adrenaline that comes up and down dunes in a powerful 4 × 4 but also to enjoy the sunset in the desert and even the evening at the camp.

You can also experience this fun ride and journey through the realms of desert with Arabian tour packages.


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