Dubai is a city that covers about 4000 square kilometers but even in this span of area, it is packed with unbelievably stunning skyscrapers, exotic views and adventurous things to do. Make no mistake, that it is only good for the people with high energy because it is equally calming and entertaining for the people who love to enjoy peace.

For expats, there are numerous places they can discover which they might have missed otherwise. This lively metropolis is home to beautiful beaches and international cuisines. Dubai is perfect to enjoy your vacations in.

Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai as a city is filled with indoor theme parks, deluxe restaurants and luxurious hotels. These restaurants offer international cuisines from all around the world. If you’re staying temporarily in Dubai, here are somethings you can discover in this wonderful city;

Bird’s Eye View 

Your Dubai trip is incomplete without a trip to the top of the largest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is the pioneer of engineering. At 555 meters, you can enjoy breath taking view of Dubai city. It comprises of 160 floors and is located around Dubai Mall, which is a wonder of its own.

A sun rise tour is offered to the people visiting Burj Khalifa. It is unforgettable experience that is worth waking up early in the morning for. As the sun rises, you experience a sense of freshness entering your body.

Arabian Desert 

Visit the beautiful landscape of Arabian desert and experience the true Bedouin culture like never before. Accompanied by a driver in 4X4 SUV, you go on a thrilling journey of crossing the towering dunes of desert.

Book for spending a night in the realms of desert which will change your perspective about the high sand dunes. These Arabs know how to have fun in these lands of desert. You can go for dune bashing, buggy riding, sand boarding, camel ride Dubai desert and much more.

The in-camp entertainment includes falconry in which you see the majestic bird hunting its prey, then you have the magical fire show in the camp and there are a lot of other activities that make your stay memorable.

Heritage Places 

Dubai holds great historic value. If you want to learn about true Arabic culture then head straight into the Dubai Museum located in Al-Fahidi fort. This fort was built to protect Dubai Creek from outside interference.

With the passage of time, it turned into a museum where you can find historical artifacts, cultural preservation’s and paintings that exhibit the life Arabs used to live back in the old days. There is a separate space where old boats have been placed for the amusement of visitors.

No matter if you visit Dubai once or multiple times, you’re bound to be surprised every time you go out to explore more parts of it. This is the reason why it has been one of the most visited cities in the world. There is no place like Dubai in the whole world.



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