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How to book Abu Dhabi City Tour


The main airports of the Arab Emirates are located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and both are served by numerous daily direct flights from the main Italian cities. If the rates of non-stop flights between Italy and Dubai (or Abu Dhabi) are not particularly advantageous, you can consider flying with a European airline, via a stopover in northern Europe, or with EgyptAir via Cairo or Turkish Airlines via Istanbul.



Since the UAE is on the edge of one of the hottest and driest deserts on the planet, you are probably wondering what is the best season to go to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Precisely because of its geographical position, the best time to visit the United Arab Emirates is from November to March, when “spring” temperatures make outdoor excursions more comfortable, even in the surrounding desert. However, it should be added that in this period, especially in December and January, the temperature of the air and water could be a bit too cool if you want to add a little relaxation on the beaches of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. During the other months of the year and especially in the heat of summer, the temperature in the Arab Emirates frequently exceeds 40 degrees. But we must also add that in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, life takes place mainly indoors: all stations of the metro, the walkways connecting to the various buildings and even the bus stops have air conditioning and in any case, the dry climate does not make the heat feel so exaggerated. The very little rainfall that characterizes the climate of the Arab Emirates is concentrated mainly in the winter months (from December to February) but they are still scarce and can hardly ruin your holiday.



What are Dubai’s main attractions? How long is it good to devote to a Dubai tour? These are probably the main questions that you will ask yourself when Dubai will be considered as a possible destination for your holidays: we, therefore, analyze the major tourist attractions that the city offers and try to understand how many days it is good to stop. Generally, the main reasons for going to the United Arab Emirates and in particular to Dubai are the possibility of shopping in some of the largest shopping malls in the world, as well as to visit large structures with unique architectural features. Perhaps, staying in some extra-luxury hotel with rooms that offer incredible views from the top of the city. In terms of history, nature, and landscapes, Dubai does not offer much: you could consider spending a few hours along the beaches (beautiful but not particularly spectacular) spread over much of the city’s coastline, or booking a half-day tour between the dunes of the desert. The Dubai Mall, the immense shopping center in the heart of the city’s financial district, must certainly not miss the list of things to see in Dubai. Not only for the hundreds of shops that the structure offers, but also for the attractions housed within it, such as the large aquarium with 10 million liters of water and the skating rink. Directly from the Dubai shopping center, you can access the Burj Khalifa, the highest skyscraper in the world, where observation platforms can reach various heights. The Mall of the Emirates is another important shopping center, known for containing a ski slope with artificial snow and various ice games, while for those wishing to immerse themselves in Arabic style suks, we recommend the spice souk and the gold souk in the historic district of Dubai. Finally, for those who cannot afford expensive rooms in the most luxurious hotels, but still want to visit them to get the idea of ​​what it is, some structures, such as La Vela, offer tours for a ticket. To visit these attractions, dedicating the appropriate time, we recommend a stay of 3-4 days.



Compared to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, at the time of writing this report, it has fewer attractions to visit and therefore a complete tour of the city is possible in one or two days, possibly even as an excursion from Dubai. For things to see in Abu Dhabi, which should never be missing from any trip, are the great mosque of Sheikh Zayed, one of the largest in the world, built with fine, finely inlaid marbles. We, therefore, point out the Marina Mall, which houses hundreds of shops, the large theme park dedicated to Ferrari (Ferrari World Museum) and the Heritage Village, the reconstruction of a traditional village. For those wishing to relax by the sea, Abu Dhabi offers some beaches overlooking the downtown skyscrapers. You can book an Abu Dhabi City Tour from a number of companies for a guided tour.



The airports of Dubai and Abu Dhabi have become in recent years some of the most popular airports in the world. Thanks to the strategic position on the United Arab Emirates globe, the ideal link between Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, but also for commercial policy particularly farsighted of local airlines, such as the Emirates and Ethiad, made possible also by low-cost fuel. If your stopover in Dubai should it last many hours and you don’t want to wait for the connection all the time at the airport, you could certainly consider a short tour in the city. Perhaps paying a taxi driver who is available for the time required (the cost of taxis in the UAE is enough ” affordable “) or you could take the metro at the airport and reach the Dubai Mall. The Mall of the Emirates or maybe the Burj Khalifa, respectively the largest shopping malls in the world and the tallest skyscraper in the world. Keep in mind, however, that the distances are long and the structures are immense: a short tour in Dubai is possible only if you have at least 6 hours between the two flights (better still 8). For a possible visit to Abu Dhabi while waiting for connecting flights, you could consider depending on how many hours you have available, Sheikh Zayed’s Great Mosque, Marina Mall or, if you have a lot of time, the theme park dedicated to Ferrari (Ferrari World Museum).



In the cities of the United Arab Emirates, people rarely travel on foot, both because of the enormous distances and because the roads themselves are not designed to accommodate pedestrians. Public transport is quite efficient, even though it is often crowded and does not reach all the city neighborhoods and streets in a widespread manner. In Dubai there are two metro lines that connect the airport to the downtown financial district (where there are the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa skyscraper) and then to the opposite outskirts of the city, where the Mall of the Emirates rises (a good solution could, therefore, be to take a hotel not too far from some metro station). Taxis are widely used in the UAE and prices are much lower than the average in Europe. Alternatively, you can consider renting a car, as the driving style is certainly more correct compared to other Arab countries. For those who need to travel between Dubai and Adu Dhabi, there are very cheap buses (a few euros) with frequencies ranging between 20 and 40 minutes, and journey time of around 2-3 hours to cover the 150 kilometers away.

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