Sunrise Camel Ride Dubai - Camel Ride Dubai

Sunrise Camel Ride Dubai

Sunrise Camel Ride Dubai One of the most fun,fascinating and well-organized experiences that you can experience in the Desert Safari Dubai.

If you are an adventurous person and spending a single night in the desert is not enough for you, so you are offered the chance to discover the desert for a few days.

We help you organize any route along the desert. Travel for days through the Arabian Desert in camel, with stops in nomadic camps, enjoying its hospitality and knowing its way of life. Discover the different landscapes offered by the desert, from the large dunes of thin sand to the red dune desert, always alongside native experts.

Later we show you some examples to learn about the desert but we are open to any kind of proposal, try it and live it with pleasure!

This is a guided tour to discover the desert in a charming Toyota Land Cruiser SUV, a top-notch luxurious car, in which there will be no lack of references to Arab history and culture, with the possibility of stopping to take photographs among the bewitching golden dunes.

More than what to see in Dubai, this is an advice on what to experience in Dubai.

Sun View while Camel Riding in Dubai

Start off the route, depending on the time of arrival. After a warm welcome you will be left with the camels waiting for us ready with food, blankets and everything else necessary for the itinerary.

The route begins in the golden dunes of Lahbab Desert, a spectacular starting point that makes us fully enter the adventure that awaits us. We will go to a small oasis in the middle of the dunes where we will spend the morning after a magnificent sunrise camel ride Dubai.

We will enjoy the spectacular starry sky of the desert, with an unforgettable experience for those who lived a morning of clear skies in the Lahbab Desert. During your morning time, you will have a tasty breakfast around the hearth with a scenic view. And a wonderful sunrise camel ride Dubai.

Fresh rays of sun peeping over the boundaries of desert are a delight that only lucky ones get to cherish.

There is another adventure that brings out the best version of Hot Air Balloon in a glamourous style where you are hanging in the sky.

Hot Air Balloon

Ballooning with Adventure in Dubai is one of those experiences that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

The feeling of overlooking the immensity of the desert is electrifying and at the same time peaceful. A combination of sensations that appear to be in contrast, while in reality it is perfectly integrable. Being in the air relying completely on nature may seem scary, but it is not.

The stability of the balloon and the professionalism of the pilots leaves no doubt about the absolute safety of this experience. Watching the sunrise from above is something magical and really hard to describe in words.

For Wonder full Sunrise Camel Ride Dubai Or camel riding in Dubai

These are some of the tour opportunities that you can enjoy in the desert, if you are looking for more trips, make sure you head over to camel riding in Dubai.


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